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Sweet Tooth Guilty Pleasures from France

Here’s a confession.

This is, like, the worst week ever. Thanksgiving break is coming up, so all my professors seem to have teamed up on one lovely team of DEATH to try kill me by homework, and finals week is looming ahead. Now, if you didn’t understand the last sentence, let me translate for you: I don’t have time to make a snack.

Therein lies the complete and utter honesty of this blog: sometimes, not matter how quick, easy and cheap the snack is, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

So I came up with an alternative! Today, I present to you (drumroll please) my top 5 favorite sweet snacks from France, where I grew up. Most of these snacks aren’t available here – which I hope makes them exciting and exotic. Also, they’re ALL terrible for you. No shame, no judgment right?

  1. Haribo Dragibus candies. Okay, technically, Haribo is German (disclaimer courtesy of my German husband, who likes to remind me that my favorite “French” candy isn’t “French”) but let’s not worry ourselves with details. Dragibus are probably pure sugar, but they have a gooey, stick-in-your-teeth kind of deliciousness that I can’t get enough of.
  2. Kinder Country bars. You have not lived until you’ve sunk your teeth into this delicious concoction of chocolate andmilk and grains. It almost tastes healthy.
  3. Pain au chocolat. Mistakenly called a “chocolate croissant” (pathetic) these are best right out of the even, with the chocolate melty in the middle, and the layers of pastry crispy on top, then soft and chewy as you reach the middle. MY MOUTH IS WATERING, GUYS.
  4. Haribo Cola Mistral. Coke-tasting candies covered in sugar. So good. Sugar high level: climbing up the walls.
  5. Milka chocolate bars. These are available in the U.S., and are actually Swiss, not French (again). I consider myself to be pretty snobby when it comes to chocolate, and this is absolutely the crème de la crème of milk chocolate. The creamy stuff chocolate dreams are made off. Now, what are you waiting for?! Time for a trip to Walmart.
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