So what is this thing, anyway?

Who: Snack Attack is run by a massive staff of one.

Marissa Daily is a Magazine Journalism student at Drake University (Go Bulldogs!) in Des Moines, Iowa.

Okay. Can I stop talking in the third person now? Let’s get rid of the professional puffery, we’re all friends here.

What: Midnight study hunger pains? Check. Weekly schedule which leaves you with a soul-crushing four hours of sleep? Check. Sixteen dollars in your checking account? Check, check, check. I get it. Here, I’ll help you conquer late-night cravings with just a little bit of time and even less money.

Why: This blog is the fulfillment of an assignment for my magazine staff writing class, which doesn’t mean I’m not going to take complete advantage of being “forced” to try new snack recipes every week.

I can’t wait to share my discoveries with a world of famished college students who have had one too many bags of Flaming Cheetos (yes, this is possible).

When & Where: Um? Always and everywhere. Snacking is always a good idea.


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