Snack Hacks – Friday Link Love

Today, you get something new: links to my very favorite snack hacks. These are some of the best tricks to getting out of a boring food rut and turning a basic into a bedazzled “BAM” snack. I could copy all these recipes and show you my take on them, but sometimes, it’s impossible to make something better – as demonstrated below.

  • THIS. Fruity Peanut Butter dip, for those of you who like to drench healthy things in not-as-healthy dips because, hey, taste matters.
  • Grilled cheese has never looked so good – here’s how to turn your plain old same old sandwich into a pizza-flavored one packed with punch.
  • Turn a fruit into a bite-sized dessert: Ziploc’s uber easy recipe involves bananas, chocolate and sprinkles. You can’t say no.
  • Baked egg in an avocado – the perfect morning pick-me-up. Why didn’t I think of this?
  • Upgrade boring blueberries to a frozen yogurt dessert in two easy steps. Addiction guaranteed – you will not be able to get enough of these little guys.
  • Twenty three ways to use an ice cube tray that involve things more interesting than water. Guys. You can make mini cheesecakes in an ice cube tray! I. Am. Losing it.
  • Also… how to make an ordinary apple into a, uh, swan? Because apparently some people are into this.

Happy snacking!

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